On the Road Again – USA Day 1

Current Location: somewhere in Boston, on the road from the airport to Hanover

So I’m blogging again because my life is suddenly interesting, namely I’m travelling. And the first stop on my Great American Adventure ’14 is Dartmouth College, New Hampshire. It is my absolute best friend in the whole world’s college graduation and I am a) ridiculously proud and b) ridiculously excited to party.

We usually get up to generally insane things when we’re with each other so there should be a good story or two. But today’s just been a travelling day, so here’s day 1 – Why Fi Is A General Idiot

1) Currency – I forgot that dollars come in $1 denominations, so I handed the cashier two 5$ bills to and was completely flummoxed when I got my $2 back as bills. I spent about twenty seconds just staring at the change….ticking it over in my head…”Ohh yeah”. Derp.

2) Communication – I did live in America, I have American friends, I went a school with Americans, so I know things like “restroom”. So I asked someone at the airport “Where do I get DaRRtmouth coach?”
*bemused face* “Where?”
“DaRtmouth? DaRtmouth college, Hanover??”
“Ohh, DaHHtmouth.”
I think either I’m going to have to try and fake an American accent to make people laugh (trust me, it’s bad. Like, really bad) or go really posh and proper British as a novelty factor.

3) Courtesy – people keep telling me to have a nice day and I keep saying sorry to them when it’s not my fault. It’s confusing everybody.

I’m eating a PB&J sandwich and drinking Minute Maid lemonade (it is my crack, seriously) so I think I’m blending in a bit better…as long as I keep my mouth shut.

So about seven minutes then!

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